Translations of complete operating manuals for the Japanese market

What customers say:
“The diligence and meticulousness applied by S. Arai Translation Service to translations produced for us is positively outstanding. The performance of Ms Arai extends not only to mere translation. In fact, she is offering more. We benefit from the excellent feedback over possible inaccuracies in the original which allows us to raise the quality of our documentation as a whole. I know of no other translators who work as accurately and with an eye to minute detail as Translation Service S. Arai.“   (Technical Editor, Product Development)

Our cooperation with Ms Arai goes back nearly 10 years. Beginning with the ”CryoMill“, a cryogenic mill newly launched on the Japanese market at the time, up to our latest developments, she is familiar with the translated versions of all our product documentations in Japanese language.
Ms. Arai gained valuable insights into the design of our products when attending a technical seminar of several days at our Haan headoffice as interpreter. This allowed her to become familiar with our product range and its operating characteristics. This knowledge served as a basis to produce sensible practice-oriented translations.
What we appreciate in particular is the utmost care which Ms Arai and her colleagues expend on their output. Possible inaccuracies in the original noticed during their work are carefully noted and commented upon.
We are pleased that the cooperation with Translation Service S. Arai allows us to supply user-friendly product documentation to the Japanese market and thereby better serve this important market for us.

RETSCH GmbH is active in the fields of homogenizing laboratory samples for analysis as well as particle size analysis of solid substances. The Company celebrates the 100th anniversary of its founding in 2015. In Japan, RETSCH is represented by Verder Scientific Co. Ltd. .


Photo: Verschiedene Labormühlen der Fa. Retsch