Interpreters with
Professional Skills and High Morale

We will arrange for foreign-language staff to cater to your needs – from trade fair attendants to conference interpreters.

The skills required for interpreting are different from those needed for translation. Because interpreting is all about instant interaction between people. That’s why we look not only at the professional qualifications but also at the personality of our staff. Our members are happy to work with people and eager to leverage your business with their communication skills.

Punctuality and prior preparation using reference materials are standard with us. But we aim for more. Even under demanding conditions, our interpreters will do their best to act as your voice and ears. Following this line of thinking, we hold regular gatherings of associated interpreters to exchange experience and enhance working morale. Just give us a call or drop a few lines by email and our interpreters will be at your disposal.

■ Language Pairs

Japanese ←→ German
Japanese ←→ English
English ←→ German

Interpreting services in other combinations are also available on request.