SMA Japan Co., Ltd.
Translation of Product Data Sheets and Support for Localization Process

What customers say:
 “Thank you for coming to our office on the other day.
The meeting with you was very fruitful indeed.
With your precious presence in this project, I feel the strong wind at my back for smooth and proper execution of translation works.  The expertise gained from a true professional like you, Ms. Arai, helps us a lot in our undertaking to optimize the localization process of product literature into Japanese.”   (Senior Manager, Marketing&HR)

Translation Service S. Arai has been a steady supplier of translations, mainly dealing with data sheets which describe major features and specifications of our products.  The translations of data sheets require not only the accuracy of technical terms but also the copywriting skill for producing lines that appeals to readers.  Knowing how demanding it can be, we highly value the services provided by Ms. Arai as she spares no efforts in fine-tuning translations by closely communicating with our engineering and marketing staff.
In recent years, Ms. Arai is paying a visit once annually to our office in Tokyo to discuss terminology management and possible improvement of translation processes. This “personal touch” of her service gained our confidence in entrusting a part of our product documentations to her.
To further fortify our standing on the fast-growing PV market in Japan, it is essential to seek out business partners who understand our needs and thus, see eye to eye.  And Translation Service S. Arai surely belongs to such partners.



SMA Japan Co. Ltd. is the Japanese subsidy of SMA Solar Technology (with its seat in Niestetal, Germany), a global leader in the development, production and sales of photovoltaic inverters.  SMA products are currently sold in 21 different countries and gained a strong foothold also in Japan, where the Company launched residential inverters (3.5 kW, 4.5 kW), commercial and industrial inverters (9.9 kW, 10 kW, 20 kW, 25 kW), mega-solar inverters (500 kW, 700 kW, 800kW) with specifications especially modified for the Japanese market.