Cosmo Instruments Co. Ltd.
Interpreting at Negotiations to Set up German Sales Office

What customers say:
 “We visited Germany in 2011 during a business-matching event organized by a municipal body in search of an agency in Europe.  At our first contact with a candidate, P+K, we felt somewhat frustrated as the interpreter at the time was not familiar with technical matters. By the time we actually visited P+K the first time, the Company had hired Ms. Arai as an interpreter.  Her accurate interpreting at this meeting opened the door to setting up an agency in Germany in the same year. We highly valued the precision of her interpreting of technical explanations on our products.   The fact that we were able to gain a foothold in Europe in such a short time owed a lot to her service which we much appreciated.” (International Sales Officer)

In December 2011, Cosmo Instruments Co. Ltd. concluded a sales agency agreement with P+K GmbH, a designing and manufacturing company of industrial equipment and machinery with seat in Solingen. Together with P+K, Cosmo Instruments is now operating Europe-wide.
Ever since we first visited P+K GmbH in June 2011, Ms. Arai served as our regular interpreter throughout all negotiations leading up to the conclusion of the agreement.   After signing of the agreement, too, we rely on her interpreting services whenever precise communication matters, e.g. over major sales meetings and in technical briefings.  The scope of these meetings is extensive, ranging from legal, commercial and engineering subjects to IP.  Ms. Arai has always stayed steadfast in providing exact translations. In short, we are very much satisfied with her service.
Furthermore, she served as a “lubricant” in afterhour gatherings with our German staff by ironing out cultural difference through her sensible interpreting, the use of which allowed us to lay the cornerstone for building a trusting relationship with our German agent.
Following detailed planning, we launched our leak testers on the European market by presenting them at CONTROL, the International Trade Fair for Quality Assurance, held in Stuttgart in May 2012.  At this occasion, too, Ms. Arai supported us with her linguistic skills at the fair.  
We are pleased to continue using Translation Service S. Arai for our sales and marketing operations in Europe.




As of 2012, we have been exhibiting at CONTROL, the International Trade Fair for Quality Assurance held in Stuttgart actively taking the offensive in marketing our products in Europe.

In December 2011,Cosmo Instruments Co. Ltd. concluded an agency agreement with Solingen-based P+K GmbH, a company in the field of special machinery and fixture construction. Subsequently, their business relationship gave rise to the establishment of Cosmo EU Solutions Technology GmbH (Solingen) in December 2015.

Today, following the agencyship, this affiliate allows Cosmo Instruments to operate on markets in all parts of Europe.