Range of Interpreting Services

Translation Service S. Arai offers the following interpreting services:

Consecutive Interpreting

The speaker divides the speech into adequate and comparatively short sections which are then translated verbally by the interpreter. Normally, no special technical equipment is required. Unlike in whispered interpreting described further below, with consecutive interpreting, the speech flow comes to a halt. This form of interpretation is suitable for expressing individual shades of meaning which the speaker wishes to explain without hurry. However, the event organizer must bear in mind that this can easily double the speaking time.


Conference Interpreting

When the number of participants is limited, conference interpreting is used.

Suitable for: Product presentations, press conferences, forums in which the major part of participants require interpreting.


Liaison Interpreting

Conversations between various participants are interpreted consecutively.

Suitable for: Round-table discussions with few participants, courtesy calls of diplomatic delegations, company visits etc.

Whispered Interpreting

This form of simultaneous interpreting is one in which the interpreter stands besides or behind the listener and interprets for the latter in a low, whispering voice. This requires less time than consecutive interpreting but depending on the time allotment and speaking style of the conference, two interpreters may be required. When interpreting is to be provided for more than three listeners, simple technical equipment becomes necessary.

Suitable for: In-house seminars, meetings in which one or two participants require interpreting.

Escort Interpreting

At trade fairs or factory inspections, the guest is given an escort interpreter. Upon request of the customer, the escort interpreter may independently provide product explanations to visitors, e.g. at exhibition stands.  Escort interpreting does not meet the professional level of liaison or conference interpreting but communicative and social competence is expected.

Suitable for: Trade fairs, PR events and escorted sightseeing.