Steady Quality Ensured by
Well-Coordinated Teamwork and Networking

Benefit from our 20 years of experience with Japanese translation in Germany!
With us, you can count on native quality with full awareness of local context. Every document entrusted to TSA will be handled with personal care.

Sumiko Arai
Proprietor & Chief Translator
Graduate of Tokyo’s Waseda University, Dept. of Lit., degree in English literature. Several years with a translation agency and a solicitor’s office in Germany as inhouse translator and interpreter. Established Translation Service S. Arai in 2000. Over 20 years of working experience in the translation industry. Member of the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ)


■ Translations Tailor-Made to the Needs of the Customer

When dealing with translation enquiries, we often face many different requirements – delivery time, pricing, layout, terminology management. Keeping the right balance is no easy task. But it is precisely in this area that we can prove our skill in making the best out of these – often contradictory – demands.

What if you need to translate a large volume of documents over a very limited period of time? Translation Service S. Arai will provide the solution.

One option would be to divide a job among various translators. This works only when there is a competent coordinator to supervise the workflow and subsequent proofreading to ensure consistency of style and terminology. Another is the prior delivery of a rough translation provided the final version comes in good time. Finally, it is often helpful to supply a translation merely of the headings or a contents table so that the customer can decide what needs to be translated.

We will always listen to the ideas and suggestions of our customers – because we care to provide the best solution for each of them.

 ■    Steady Quality Ensured by Teamwork

No document leaves our office without going through exhaustive checks by our in-house proofreaders. With many years of working experience in the trade in Japan and abroad, our staff has discerning eyes to screen out all irregularities in our products. Besides, our checks go beyond simple error elimination. When necessary, stylistic improvements are added in the process. The final product should be right and sound fine.

■    The Two-Man Rule

Following the introduction of the ISO standard for translation services, the “two-man rule” became the new buzzword of the industry. However competent a translator may be, human errors can happen. This is where the “two-man rule” comes to the rescue.
As the name implies, the two-man rule requires translations to be counter-checked by a second reader.
But this system alone will not provide quality translations. The practice-oriented skills and competence of the checker or proofreader play an equally decisive role in the quality of the final documentation. Finding spelling and grammatical errors is relatively easy. What requires real skill are sense checks and consistent rewriting.

At Translation Service S. Arai, your translations are in the right hands. Because we draw on a solid team of experienced checkers working under the supervision of a qualified translator. Difficult or incorrectly rendered parts will always be returned to the chief translator for rewriting – the perfect teamwork to the benefit of the customer!


Profile of Proofreader

Study of German linguistics at Osaka University of Foreign Studies (today: Osaka University, School of Foreign Studies). After graduation, employed by insurance and manufacturing companies where she was in charge of handling the various transaction records. This was followed by three years as coordinator in a translation agency in Germany. Multi-facetted experience with translations and proofreading on a wide range as in-house proofreader and freelance agent. Her fine feeling for linguistic nuances after 10 years of vocational experience in Germany enables her to work precisely and accurately.

■ Extensive Network of Experienced Translators

Our customers can benefit from our extensive network of veteran translators with proven track records, built up over many years in the business. Our stock of translators well-versed in their specialized fields allows us to select the translator best suited for your project.

Our in-house style guide serves to maintain a consistent style across the entire spectrum of corporate documentation. Alternatively, if you wish to use your own glossary or style sheet, we will ensure that these are strictly applied by all our translators and checkers working on your project. In this way, a given corporate identity can be maintained across borders.

 ■ English-Speaking Staff at Your Service

Please feel free to contact us for any question or enquiry. Our English-speaking staff will be happy to help from initial assessment, quotation, delivery schedule all the way up to delivery and any post-editing possibly required after a delivery.

Our office is located at downtown Hilden, well connected by public transport, roads and highways. Why don’t you drop by at our office for a casual meeting on your next project?