Japanese Lessons for German Speakers
German Lessons for Japanese Speakers

We provide customized lessons!

“It’s the first time to learn Japanese for me.  
I want lessons that focus on topics of personal interest to me.”
“I’d like to understand what my Japanese colleagues at work are saying.
Starting with simple practical greetings would be nice.”
“I’ve learned some Japanese before.
But my Japanese has become rusty over the years and I need a quick brush-up.”
“I’ve already learnt the grammar but I need speaking practice.”

Such varied needs of Japanese learners are best covered by Translation Service S. Arai. We will gladly counsel you personally. Our Japanese instructors can draw on extensive teaching experience, among other at German universities, and are aware of the typical grammar and pronunciation problems of German learners. When necessary and depending on the comprehension level, the learner can also be given explanations in German – surely a plus point for beginners!


Private Lessons, Individual and to the Point

“Face-to-face” instructions by a Japanese native speaker with comprehensive teaching experience. Whether beginner, middle or upper level, lessons are matched to your personal speaking level.  Enjoy our friendly and professional lessons.

Depending on your objective (e.g. everyday conversation, business trips etc.) and interests, an optimized teaching programme using original didactic materials will be prepared.

In addition to the possibility of learning at Translation Service S. Arai in Hilden, we also provide lessons (also for small groups on request) on company premises or at private homes. If held at our office, parking is available nearby only a few minutes on foot.

A Trial Lesson without Obligation!

We will gladly set up a trial lesson or – for those who are very busy – an intensive course. 90 minutes per lesson. Please contact us with your individual requirements (weekdays, hours, periods, contents etc.).