Language Services
to Propel Your Business at Trade Fairs

What Customers Say

She immediately picked up the terminology and became a valuable asset in dealing with prospects.

Thanks to his meticulous advance preparation, he was able to deliver accurate interpreting services for the technical part of our meeting.

Subtle nuances of our intentions were conveyed without being diluted which allowed us to propel business negotiations forward.

Private tips on local affairs were very helpful.

… these are excerpts from voices of only some of our satisfied customers.

Attendants at trade fairs are supposed to be salespeople in a way. Interpreters are no exception. Sulky faces are not fitting to be the face of your company. That’s why we attempt to provide language staff who also bring a social flair to the business scene.

Of course, the technical aspects of your business will also be followed up by our staff. With your cooperation, our interpreters will do their best to equip themselves with necessary technical background on the products on show.

When it comes to international trade fairs, visitors come not only from Germany but from all over the world. That is another reason why you can count on our staff. As a rule, our interpreters are well-versed in both German and English. In addition, many have a wide range of business experience accumulated over the years. Their business sense should be a definite plus to your company at trade fairs.


Photo: Ohkuraen Co. Ltd.