Broad Coverage of Specialties

■  A Network of Experienced Translators for a Broad Range of Special Fields

We can cover the whole range – from general business correspondence up to highly specialized technical documentation. Through a network of specialized translators for most specialties, we can meet the needs of the most varied requirements of both German and European enterprises who wish to operate on the Japanese market. See a brief summary of our experience to date:


  1. Contracts

    * Tenancy agreements (tenancy agreement for business premises, property owners association templates for private tenancy agreements)
    * Distributorship agreements, leases, General Terms of Sales, licence agreements
    * Employment contracts, severance agreements
    * Confidentiality undertakings, non-disclosure agreements
    * Articles of Association, company charters, resolutions of shareholder meetings
    * Letters of proxy, powers of attorney

  2. Laws

    * EU regulations (on patents, trademarks, competition, export controls etc.)
    * Dismissal Protection Law, General Act on Equal Treatment
    * Lawsuit documents (statement of claims, judgements, rulings, arbitration awards, legal correspondence)

  3. HR / Administration

    * Work rules, expense and petty cash procedures, travel regulations
    * Compliance programs
    * HR manuals, CSR policy (code of conduct)
    * Payroll records, collective bargaining agreements
    * CVs, peremptory notices
    * Inaugural addresses
    * Agendas and minutes of board meetings and shareholder assemblies
    * Employee surveys, on-the-job training manuals

  4. Official Deeds

    * Family registers, certificates of no impediment, marriage licences
    * Graduation certificates, enrolment certificates, scholastic records, references
    * Excerpts from commercial registers, notarized deeds, excerpts from patent registers

For more information on certified translations, click here

  1. Economic & Financial

    *Financial statements, auditors’ reports, business plans, budgets, tax assessment notices
    * IPO prospectus, IR papers of financial institutions
    * Manuals for bookkeeping systems
    * Research papers (summary on current economic conditions by a local chamber of commerce, investment reports, market research)
    * Newspaper and magazine articles on financial matters
    * Promotional materials for business and industry, records from symposia and conventions, business meetings and conferences

  1. Medical/Pharmaceutical

    * Clinical trial protocols, case reports
    * Localization of pharmaceutical website
    * Scientific papers (primarily into English)
    * Diagnostics, medical statements (surgical and pathological findings)
    * Manual of medical instruments (diagnostic imaging, dental treatment)

  2. Chemical

    * MSDS
    * Risk phrases
    * REACH-related documents
    * Scientific papers, patents (from organic chemistry)
    * Operating instructions for laboratory instruments

  3. Engineering / Technical

    * Product data sheets for building materials such as sealing agents
    * Industrial standards, tender documents
    * Environment assessment reports
    * Operating Instructions (NC machine tools)
    * User manuals for mechanical time pieces
    * Quality control manuals, ISO documentation
    * Renewable energy, PV inverters, lithium batteries

  4. Computer / IT

    * Manuals, operating instructions (image processing software, printers, communication devices, i-Phone applications)
    * Benchmarking test results
    * Thin-client terminals, sales promotion materials for cloud-based service
    * IT whitepaper
    * Technical specifications

  1. PR/Creative

    * Press releases
    * Sightseeing brochures, flyers, guidebooks
    *Websites, newsletters, image catalogue (for branded products)
    *Sales proposals, presentation, marketing documents
    * PR materials of industrial parks and regional promotion agencies, trade fair literature, website localization
    * Trade fair presentations
    * Pricelists, company introductions, name cards

Certified Translations

When German government agencies require the submission of translated documents, proof by a sworn and publicly appointed translator is necessary. As Translation Service S. Arai cooperates with a multiple number of sworn translators, we are able to deliver certified translations within the timeframe set by you.

Translations carry the certification stamp of a sworn translator registered with a district court in Germany. The original documents can be sent to us as scanned copies by email but the certified translation is returned by mail. In the case of an order, please allow for the time required for the postal dispatch.

Examples of Documents Requiring Certification:

Marriage licences (civil registry extracts, certificates of no impediment), documents in connection with studies abroad (graduation certificates, scholastic records), documents required for entry into a commercial register (commercial register extract, power of attorney), court records (statements of claim) etc. As the decision whether certification is required depends on the place of submission, we suggest that the requirement be confirmed directly by the agency in charge.