Qualifications and Teaching Experience

Our teachers have a track record of successful teaching both at institutions and privately to individuals. For easier comprehension, explanations e.g. on grammar can also be provided in the language of the learner (Japanese/German) when necessary.

Our Teacher for German Lessons

・Master’s diploma in Japanology from Ruhr University at Bochum
・Goethe Institute in Tokyo, successful attendance of seminar “German as a Foreign Language”
・15 years of teaching at Japanese universities (Dokkyo University and others)
・Extensive private teaching experience
・Conversation teacher to Japanese company staff in Germany for the last five years


Our Teacher for Japanese Lessons

・Successful attendance of Japanese teacher training program
・More than 10 years as Japanese lecturer at the Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf
・Extensive private teaching experience
・10 years business experience (in Japan and Germany)